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Wahl Vanish Foil Shaver

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Wahl 5 Star Vanish Foil Shaver, is a revolutionary suspension cutting system that flawlessly adapts to every curve of your neck and face. The ultra-slim, hypoallergenic gold foils guarantee a pristine finish and silky-smooth shave, devoid of bumps or irritation. Discover the revolutionary individual pop-out foil cartridges that simplify replacement and rotation.

The 5 Star Vanish saves you money by letting you swap single foils rather than the entire shaver head. Equipped with a high-quality lithium-ion battery, the 5 Star Vanish delivers an impressive 100+ minutes of power on a single charge. With the intelligent LED fuel gauge, you can confidently rely on your trusty shaver whenever you need it.

The 5 Star Vanish's ergonomic design features finger grips for optimal comfort and control during every shave. For professionals on the move, the Travel Lock option prevents accidental activation and conserves battery life. Elevate your shaving experience with the 5 Star Vanish. As it makes hair vanish, it unveils the impeccable finish everyone desires.

Key Features:

Micro-thin gold foils - experience an ultra-close 0.05mm cut and bump-free shaving with these premium hypoallergenic gold foils.

Independent Pop-Out Foils - discover the innovative independent pop-out foil bars that save you time and money on maintenance by allowing for easy single-foil replacements.

Micro-thin Gold Foils - achieve exceptional shaves and fades courtesy of the micro-thin foils that facilitate a razor-close shave without any irritation or bumps.

Power through the day - with a remarkable 100+ minute run time on a single charge, the 5 Star Vanish - fueled by a premium lithium-ion battery - supports most barbers throughout their day without needing a recharge.

Kit Includes:

1 x Wahl 5 Star Vanish Foil Shaver

1 x Wahl Foil Guard

1 x Wahl Cleaning Brush

1 x Wahl Pre-shave Brush

1 x Wahl Charger

1 x Wahl Vanish Instruction Booklet.


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